DJA Chess Instruction
Online Classes - Session 1: Zoom (location map)
Wednesday, 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM
02/10/21 - 03/17/21 (6 weeks)


All levels welcome. New players learn how to play a full game of chess.  Experienced players learn strategies and tactics to help improve their game. Learn all the basic moves of the chess pieces, their values, piece interaction, and how to win (checkmate). All players will learn about the etiquette and strategy of a game that is truly a great lifetime activity for young and old alike. Click HERE for information about setting up your free LIChess.org account before your first class meeting.

Upcoming Meetings
03/03/21    4:00 PM Wednesday 03/03/21 4:00 PM
03/10/21    4:00 PM Wednesday 03/10/21 4:00 PM
03/17/21    4:00 PM Wednesday 03/17/21 4:00 PM