Online Chess Club(s) Sign-up Process


New students are strongly encouraged to sign up for their school chess clubs on  The one hour session will consist of approximately 30 minutes of lesson time and 30 minutes of play time against other students.  The chess student will not be able to play against others in the class if he/she does not register online for their school’s chess club.  A student can register for free and play on


The student shall choose a login name that meets the following format:

(First Name) + (First letter of surnam)e + (any 4-digit number):

example:  David Aldi; login:  DavidA0001


The 4-digit number should make the student’s ID unique in the event there exists duplicate name IDs.

The student then communicates has his/her unique ID to the chess club program administrator.   The student will then receive an electronic  “invite” into their private chess club and “friend” notification from the instructor. 

The school program chess clubs are private chess clubs open only to the that school’s chess program students by invitation only.  Chess club memberships will be terminated for any students that leave the program.

The group programs will enable students to play against other within the chess club(s).

The chess coach will also play occasional training games with private lesson students via the school program chess clubs.